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Atelier 11235

Organic Home Fabrics

An Italian brand producing organic home fabrics both luxurious and sustainable. Each piece is crafted by artisans from start to finish.

In an ever more complex world, we inevitably have to make choices. For human beings of the 21st century - with all our knowledge, technology and well-being -, destructive, insane, discriminating behaviour can no longer be justified. Being aware of the honour and responsibility of our choices, we decided to create something which celebrates and exalts beauty without forgetting our duty to ourselves, our clients and the entire planet.

Our mission is to transmit a new experience of quality, while embracing sustainability as the main force behind every choice. We achieve this through 360-degree control of all the processes, from fibre production to stock clearance, making sure they fit to our core values: the respect of the rhythms of nature, the valorisation of biodiversity, healthy work ethics, reduction of waste and emissions, valorisation of local skills and arts, support of ancient traditions, research and use of fibres with the best characteristics and durability of the product.
Our sheets are all 100% made in Italy from organic fabrics by small traditional manufacturers, which produce limited quantities only and supervise the whole process internally, beginning with the yarn and ending with the quality control of the finished product.

Thank you for supporting artisanal and natural productions!

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