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The coastal line of the Cinque Terre is steep, jagged and rough - therefore, wide sandy shores are almost non-existent. To make up for it, a great variety of small coves, beaches and bays are spread along the coast, sometimes only to be reached from the sea. As for the towns, Monterosso boasts one of the very few large sandy beaches of the area, fully equipped with sunchairs and parasols, while Corniglia and Riomaggiore feature pebble beaches. Lastly, in Vernazza and Manarola your only option will be the large flat rocks.

foto della spiaggia del gigante


The main beach in Monterosso is the largest one in the Cinque Terre, and being flat and sandy it’s also definitely the most crowded. Your quieter alternative is the “Beach of the Giant” which is located hidden next to the small port and gets its name from a literally gigantic statue of Neptune. Here the white sand mixes with the pebbles, and the crystal clear water is perfect to go for a swim.


The Guvano Beach in Corniglia is wild and secluded. It’s not very frequented (and there’s the chance you’ll meet some nudists because of this), as it’s only reachable in two ways: walking along a tunnel, about 1 Km in length starting from the Corniglia station (there’s no lightning, so get some for yourself!), or hiking down from the SVA trail between Corniglia and Vernazza, but we advise against this because it gets quite steep.

foto spiaggia di guvano a corniglia
Foto spiaggia del canneto a Riomaggiore


The Canneto Beach is a must visit: it’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole area! The scenery is very wild and untouched, the highlight being a waterfall. It has one downside though: it’s only reachable by boat. To achieve this, go to the harbor in Riomaggiore and rent a boat - with or without a guide.

the fossola beach, RIOMAGGIORE

Fossola beach fits in the same mold of Canneto Beach: it’s wild and very natural but only reachable from Riomaggiore by boat.

foto della spiaggia di fossola nelle 5 terre
foto spiaggia campiglia nelle 5 terre, vicino a Riomaggiore


The Persico Beach, located between Riomaggiore and Portovenere, is one of the less frequented - and therefore more peaceful - beaches of the Cinque Terre. Why? Because to reach it you need to walk down a trail from Campiglia featuring 2000 stairs - yes, you read that right! But if you take the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic rough and authentic Mediterranean scenery.


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