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Picture the postcard Mediterranean setting: the sea, the sun, lots of people happily strolling on the bustling promenade and enjoying the beach, seagulls crying. But then...a hole in the wall. A small enchanted path through shadowy trees. And there it is, tucked away high above the buzzing town, your new favorite place to unwind.

Welcome to “Fiordarancio”! The house has been completely renovated in the summer of 2017 and now appears in all its Mediterranean charm, paired with a modern twist. As there’s a big abandoned citrus garden directly nearby (we’re working on restoring it) we decided to decorate the whole house with a citrus theme!


Monterosso al Mare is the biggest of the “Cinque Terre”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of five small and picturesque towns immersed in a beautiful National Park, with the Mediterranean sea in front and the Ligurian landscape of forests, vineyards and olive gardens, in the back.
The town consists of two separate neighborhoods, split by a large cliff. “Fiordarancio” is located in the “new town”, near the train station. You can reach the “old town” within 10 minutes, walking along the sea promenade and through a tunnel in the cliff.
Monterosso still is is a very small town and nothing is really too far out of reach. The few minutes along the path to our guesthouse are the only thing that separates you from the sea promenade, with several bars and restaurants, a gelato parlor, a small supermarket, the train station and the parking lot all only a few meters away. And right behind the promenade there's the most important thing: Monterosso is the only town of the Cinque Terre with a nice and large beach! If that isn't enough, the aforementioned walk to the old town gives you several more options for food, shopping and exploring.

How to reach Monterosso

You could come to Monterosso (or any of the Cinque Terre towns) by car, but the road is long, narrow and full of curves and parking space is really scarce...and expensive! Therefore, we strongly advise against it. Instead, the best way to reach Monterosso is by train: there is one about every 30 minutes coming either from La Spezia or from Levanto. In those towns you’ll have a choice of paid or free parking lots (the paid ones are nearer to the train station), where you can leave your car.
Further alternatives include a bus service and various ships. Of course, the most beautiful way to reach us foot, wandering along the breathtaking trails of the Cinque Terre.

How to find us

Walk along the sea promenade, Via Fegina, until you reach number 90. If you came from the train station, after descending the stairs and exiting turn right! It's just a small passage in the wall that looks like the entrance to a restaurant patio (it has the sign “Cantina” above it), right between the “Hotel Baia” and the “Wine bar Caffetteria”. Step inside and walk along the path, strictly following the red bricks, taking a few turns slowly ascending through the trees. After about hundred meters you'll see the iron gates to “Fiordarancio” directly in front of you (while the brick path takes a turn right).
Be aware that there are quite a few steps to master (as everywhere in the 5 Terre), so if possible avoid big suitcases or organize help if needed!

Live the Ligurian life
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