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Stella di Lemmen

Stella di Lemmen

Organic Agricultural Enterprise

A strip of land between the sea and the sky in the National Park of the Cinque Terre, Stella di Lemmen is a new Italian Organic Agricultural Project run by dear friends of Ysy. It rises out of the Ligurian Sea on a small high plain and its main occupation is viticulture.

The enterprise began in 2015, on a patch of land previously left untouched and uncultured for 30 years, and works in full respect of organic agriculture regulations and biodynamic agriculture teachings. This means limiting human intervention to the necessary minimum and completely renouncing the use of chemical substances, in order to let the soil develop and the plants grow in the most natural way possible.

They cultivate all three autochtone white grape varieties (Vermentino, Bosco and Albarola) as well as olive trees and a wide variety of fruits (among them, many ancient and often forgotten varieties), vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Work is still in progress: the long-term aim of the project is to requalify and protect this charming corner of Ligury, which is part of the Natural Park of Cinque Terre.

Come by and say hi!

We always carry our home region in our hearts and we admire everyone who wants to make it an even more special place. This is why Ysy supports Stella di Lemmen in every way possible...for example, by putting them in this booklet and spreading the word about their passion and hard work. In order to fully understand the Cinque Terre and get to know the terroir, we highly recommend participating in their vineyard tours with wine tasting or pesto preparation, we would be happy to offer our support in this. Alternatively, you can contact us to buy their organic wine to enjoy fresh in your room. If you would like to visit the vineyard spontaneously to taste a glass of wine and get to know the other products of their own production, you will find it along path no. 593, above Riomaggiore, between the "Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero" and the "Colle del Telegrafo". They can only be reached on foot! Feel free to contact us for any other info.

But you can also visit them online at any time! Follow their work in the vineyard and in the garden on, Instagram @stelladilemmen and read everything about the land, the plants and the people in their blog, at


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