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A few days in the 5 Terre

Lots of ideas about what to do during your stay in the 5 Terre!

You planned a few days in the 5 Terre?
We at YSY are at home here and will gladly share our recommendations about what to see & do during your stay

„I'm only here for a few days, I need to see everything in a ruhs!“. No, that's actually not the case: if you organize properly, you'll be able to visit the whole area without stress (it's your vacation after all!). We suggest to visit a maximum of 2 boroughs per day, using the railway to move effortless from one town to another. Once arrived just take your time to stroll around, getting lost in the narrow streets (don't worry, the towns are so small it's impossible to get lost) and taking lots of photos. Remember that the 5 Terre, besides the stunning scenery, are also rich in cultural heritage, therefore make sure to visit all the churches, castles and other historical buildings.

fotografia Riomaggiore

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Eating lots of local specialties is of course one of the most satisfying things to do! You'll find something that suits your taste for sure: pasta, fish, lots of olive oil, local wine but also pesto sauce and focaccia bread come from here...yum!

fotografia Riomaggiore

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The water in the 5 Terre is crystal clear and has a breathtaking emerald green hue. Being in a protected National Park means that the sea water quality is very high, and combined with the beautiful natural surroundings makes for a fantastic swim. Monterosso is the only borough with a long sandy beach, but all other towns have access too, through the rocks on the seaside or small coves. The most beautiful oves are only reachable from the sea, though, so we highly recommend booking a boat tour to bring you there! In conclusion we definitely suggest bringing a swimsuit with you: after a long day walking around in the sun, nothing beats jumping streight into the pure water of the 5 Terre.

spiaggia delle 5 terre con mare blu

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If you like hiking, the 5 Terre are the perfect place for you! The National Park is full of the very trails that once were the only way to move between the boroughs. Today it's still possible to walk from one village to another, along the coast as well as further up in the hills: for example, the lovely Trail number 531 brings you from Riomaggiore to Manarola in about one hour. There is a broad variety of trails to choose from, also depending on your training level: some of them are mostly plain, while others are quite steep and impervious. In all cases, the trails are well marked and the website of the National Park offers you detailed maps, therefore you don't need to worry about getting lost. And, most important, all trails runs through the beautiful nature of the park and offer you sensational views of the sea, the hills, the woods and the vineyards. 

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The night is approaching and you're already remembering all the beautiful things you saw during the day. You think nothing more can startle you...but there's one more thing for sure! The sunsets are a must-see in the 5 Terre! Take a walk along the harbor in Riomaggiore or the beach in Monterosso to immerse yourself one more time in the beauty of these places. Or, if you are staying in Riomaggiore, just go to the windows: every single one of them in our Room Rentals faces west and thus gives you the perfect view from the privacy of your own room!

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